La Providence is committed to making an effective contribution to meaningful environmental protection and social engagement.

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On La Providence Farm, we are very fortunate to have borehole water, therefore be off the national grid for water supply. Having had a water plant installed, to supply the treated water to various parts of the farm and guesthouse.

There has also been a ‘fusion water recycling’ plant installed, whereby all water that is used on the farm/guesthouse (shower, washing machine etc) is collected and through a natural process of using live enzymes and aeration, it is treated! With this process we are able to eliminate all harmful bacteria, store the water and pump it to the dam whereby we use it to irrigate the beautiful gardens or vines. The dam also serves as a water source in the event of a fire on the farm.

Having installed a ‘fusion water treatment” plant, we also need to do our part in protecting the enzymes. Therefore we use bio-logically and eco-friendly cleaning products, that are not harmful to these enzymes.


In order to reduce the addition of chemical products to a minimal, we have converted all our pool facilities at La Providence to a UV-ionizer system that is much more compatible with people and the environment thanks to the absence of chlorine and other chemicals.


Herb and vegetable garden

Organic is the magic word! In our small herb and vegetable garden we cultivate different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs for our own use.

Let yourself be enchanted by the delicious dishes, prepared with aromatic ingredients from our own veggie garden. Depending on the time of year and the harvest, the offer changes and our team serves you freshly every day with our extraordinary breakfast.

Kusasa Project

It´s all about the kids and it´s all about learning! We are proud to support such a great project as the Kusasa Project. A school project that gives children from the nearby community in Franschhoek the opportunity to attend this school, to be mentally, physically and socially supported and challenged, and to be provided with healthy meals every day.

Are you interested in the Kusasa Project? Click here for more information or watch the video. Every engagement helps!



This organisation is an initiative that gives children from the community in Franschhoek the opportunity to have a warm meal during the day, especially on weekends when there is no school. Financial support but also active help in preparing the meals for the children and serving the food are essential for this organisation

With only R2000 around 350 children can be fed for one day. Every engagement helps!

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